Monday, November 25, 2013


If you are seriously considering a printing business in the near future then now is the time to browse over online and offline resources for machines and equipment that will give best value for your enterprise. Heat press machines are just one of the more vital equipment that any printing business should actually invest to ensure quality, quantity and fast production.

Since these heat press machines are considered as valuable partners of a printing business you should be able to have ample knowledge in terms of features and capabilities for you to have the best choices. Here are the factors that you should highly consider when purchasing these machines:

1/ Type – There are basically two types, the swing away and the clam. Swing away type features a top platen that lifts directly upward and then swings to the right side at a 100 degree rotation, one or separate arms are used for the swinging and lifting. On the other hand, the clam or clam-shell type has a top platen that just lifts straight upward and then the user can just slide the bottom platen out into one’s direction.

2/ Kind of Timer –These machines come in either analog or digital. The analog uses a dial with an upper limit of only a minute which could hinder accuracy and timer’s gauge is not highly readable. On the other hand, digital timers are complete with computerized gauges and controls allowing for more efficiency.

3/ Size - This is one of the most important factors that every business should greatly consider. The larger the size of the machine the more volume of production is achieved. Also, one can easily press details to multiple items at the exact time because of the large capacity. However, others may opt for smaller sizes as these are highly portable and easy to move around. For swing away types the large size can measure up to 16x20 inches, small size is about 9x12 inches. For clam press machines the large size is 16x20 inches, small size is 11x15 inches.

4/ Elevated Lower Platen Feature – This may be important for some people as it could mean more ease and less hassle for the machine operators. This is because the user or operator can easily pull a shirt over the platen instead of putting it on the upper side allowing them to easily print on the front side, rotate and then resume printing on the back side.
With these general factors in mind you will be guided on the right machine for your business. It will also give you a more specific perspective as to the scope of operation you will be willing to handle, whether you will start small-scale or opt for a bigger-scale in your production.


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